Tesla Cars - All Features Explained

Tesla Cars - All Features Explained

Tesla cars have a lot of great features. In this article, we'll look at the Model 3 and Y, as well as Front-end sensing and Autopilot. If you're thinking about buying a Tesla, this article will make things a bit easier. After all, you may be wondering what these features do and how they can benefit you. Fortunately, there's no need to worry - we'll cover the most important ones.

Model Y

You've heard about the new Tesla Model Y. But do you know what you can expect inside it? The Model Y offers seating for seven passengers and is a lot more spacious than its predecessor, the Model 3. Although Tesla initially promised deliveries would start in December 2020, the company pushed back that date to 2021. This has resulted in a delay in the third row. The good news is that the company has now added the option.

Model 3

Those who haven't experienced the Tesla Model 3 yet should consider what they can expect from the car. There are many things to love about this electric vehicle. The car can detect when you are approaching and unlock the doors. It can also automatically turn on when you get into the driver's seat. A stalk on the steering column makes turning on the car simple. The infotainment system is also family-friendly and includes a bar for songs with explicit lyrics.


While autonomous driving will change the way we live and drive forever, we're not quite there yet. While Tesla has tried to make driving a thing of the past, Autopilot is a potentially dangerous feature that can be deadly. Autopilot is a combination of adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and auto lane-change. It is intended to assist drivers on highways, but could prove catastrophic in a crash.

Front-end sensing

The development of front-end sensing for Tesla cars could lead to several benefits. Not only would the technology allow cars to detect objects more accurately, it could also help optimize the deployment of airbags during a crash. It could also be used to make seatbelt reminders more accurate. The technology is already available in some Tesla cars, including the Model S, X, and Y. For now, however, it isn't yet available on all models.

Driver's assistance package

The Driver's assistance package in Tesla cars can be used to detect pedestrians, other road users, and hazards. The system collects data from customers and drivers to improve safety. The vehicle's safety is a priority for Tesla, and the company is undergoing a massive investigation into crashes involving Tesla cars. The investigation is wide-ranging and will involve 765,000 Teslas built between 2014 and 2021. Tesla has until October 22 to respond to the NHTSA's questions.


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