Top 5 Game PC Reviews

Top 5 Game PC Reviews

While consoles continue to rule couch co-op gameplay, the PC is still king when it comes to online multiplayer. You can skip the fees associated with Xbox Live and set up your PC to your liking. The list of top games on PC continues with the new battle royale sensation Fortnite. While Fortnite isn't the first battle royale game to hit the market, it has continued to receive updates and supports crossplay.

Valve's Portal 2

While Left 4 Dead and Half-Life 2 are both utter turds, Valve's Portal is a masterpiece. It is so good, the developers even took a few hours off the game's launch date in order to give fans a chance to play it before the game officially launched. It is still a little early for the game to be considered a classic, but its fans are already raving about the puzzler.


If you enjoy playing shooters, you'll enjoy Valorant for PC. Its emphasis on guns and weapons has drawn comparisons to Counter Strike and Apex Legends. This game merges the genres of battle royale games and gunplay, allowing you to play as one of many unique heroes. As a bonus, this game is free to download. If you'd like to play the same game on multiple platforms, check out these Valorant PC reviews!

Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar North published and developed Grand Theft Auto Online, a massively multiplayer online game. The game is set in a fictional world, which players can explore and play as anyone in the city. Players can customize their vehicles and spend their time in any of the cities that the city offers. Players can use the vehicle and weapons in any way they see fit. You can even make money from selling your items, or by playing other players.


If you're looking for a first-person shooter PC game, look no further than the Superhot PC game. This game is a first-person shooter created by an independent development team called Superhot Team. As of now, it's available on Steam for Windows PC. You can find out more about the game below! In this review, we'll look at some of the most notable features of the game, including its unique gameplay and unique game modes.

The Sims 4

The Sims franchise has been a powerhouse in the gaming industry for over 20 years, and the latest game in the series, The Sims 4, is no exception. Released in 2014, The Sims 4 has since gained six expansion packs and is a top-selling PC game. If you are considering purchasing The Sims 4 for your PC, consider the minimum system requirements before buying. After all, a game this popular doesn't need a high-end system to run smoothly.


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