How to use social media to boost your profits

How to use social media to boost your profits

Facebook just reached the milestone of 1 billion users recently. Twitter is fast inching towards half 1 billion mark and so are other social media platforms. With practically everybody on social media isn’t it natural that you would like to boost your profits using the medium?

It’s all about creating the right presence, whether you want to increase productivity and communication within your organization among your employees or outside of your organization, among yourselves and your customers and clients. The great thing about websites like Facebook is that you can find a ton of information about people without intruding upon their privacy. This information people eagerly share. You don’t even have to add them as your friends (and neither do they).

This article in uses the Tupperware example but this example can be replicated on any business provided you can create a vibrant presence on social media.

What is a vibrant presence? Numbers count. You cannot see a considerable impact on your bottom line by merely having 200 friends on Facebook or 150 followers on Twitter. Friends and followers should be touching the scale of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. This, of course, take some time and effort.

Anyway, read the article, it does have some important information on how to use social media to boost your profits.


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